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Artist Development 

Current Services 

  • 1-1 Coaching for Local Artists and Creative Practitioners 

  • Exploring our Practice - Group Development and Sharings 

 Coming Soon 

  • Compelling Futures - The Foundations, Fuel and Fire for Artist Development -
    6 week project 

  • Returning to My Practice - 6 week project 

We think artist development begins with and is led by the artist. We provide time and space to encourage reflection and planning. Our work is underpinned by coaching practices and principles. Our aim is to co-design and encourage artist led activity in response to the common needs which surface from the practitioners we work with.     

When we talk about Artist Development we are referring to the continued professional development or practice of artists and creative practitioners at any stage of their career. 

We work across art forms but appreciate several organisations offer valuable sector specific expertise and services. We want to promote and signpost to any local and regional provision. We welcome artists and partners to work with us on future projects, programmes and events. 

For further information about our current services, or if you would like to use Parlour as a space for Artist Led learning and development please contact us


Audience Development 

We work directly with people to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. 

We understand the difference between audience engagement and audience development, and perhaps our way of working sits somewhere in between. When we talk about Audience Development we believe people are central to their own relationship with and into the arts and are essential to a healthy and inclusive cultural ecology. 

Before becoming Parley we worked for several years encouraging exposure to arts and cultural opportunity, engagement, participation, learning and progression. We are experienced producing work in education, community, and arts venues.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of a Parley project working within your community or if you’re a creative practitioner who would like to be part of our network contact us

We support co-design, co-creation, and co-ownership. 




Space and Place

At the core of our work is

  1. With people, designing for experience

  2. The power of a well designed environment for culture, creativity, and learning

  3. The culture that evolves from great spaces and projects

When space becomes place

We produced spaces and activity long before Parley, whether transforming non conventional arts spaces into community led pop-up cinemas or mini museums, designing spaces and projects for engagement and learning, or managing events and designing the “room”, we believe we understand what makes for a well designed environment for creative engagement. 

We will work with key partners to design bespoke creative and cultural learning spaces. Would your school or community organisation benefit from a creative corner? Or perhaps your venue would like a dedicated learning space that reflects the culture of your organisation?

For further information contact us